Roza Eterna Ltd.

Roza Eterna Ltd.

The Bulgarian rose oil is a product of the famous Rose valley (Bulgaria). The Bulgarian rose oil is renowned for ifs richness, full flavour, delightful bouquet and real rose character. Only strength and tone vary, depending on the elevation and soil of rose garden above the sea level. The Rosa Eterna Ltd. tasters pick only the best of the crop so we can capture the quality and richness the Bulgarian rose oil is renowned for.

      We provide a certificate for every delivery we make. Our product has the label "Bulgarian rose oil", certified by the National Rose Laboratory and registered with the European Umion.

There are many rose oils in the world. That`s why some foreign producers are trying hard every year to buy big quantities from Bulgaria in order to improve the quality of their own rose oil.

"Rosa Eterna" Ltd. has been founded in Kazanlak, the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, in 2003 by Elena Urumova and the Tokmakchiev Brothers. The company operates an plantation on 100 hectares of land. The annual crop is expected to be more than 150 kg. Some of it is organic.

 The origin of our product is Yassenovo village, Kazanlak area, in the heart of the Rose Valley. This area is famous for its special soil and climate providing unique conditions for the Bulgarian rose oil. Its fine flavour makes our product the main element of the composition of many of the world’s best perfumes.

      The rose plantation is located in an area without natural and industrial pollution. The water, used in the rose distillery during the production process, comes directly from the mountain and is 100% pure.

      During the whole production process we are taking good care of ecological matters. We do not use any pesticides and this way we guarantee an ecological product for our customers.

      The area where our plantation is located, is famous for it‘s rose oil production. Here people have had for centuries as a main occupation the rose oil production. The rose oil is the main source of living for the people in the Valley of Roses.

      The fields where the our rosa Damascenae and Rosae Albe are planted, are with diluvial soils, powerful, sand-clay type, with low rockiness, positioned South East - the best conditions for rose growing and harvesting.