Iceberg – 2000

Iceberg – 2000

The Iceberg – 2000 EOOD/Sole Proprietor Limited Liability Company was established in 1999 in the town of Sliven, Bulgaria. Our main activity is trade, delivery, and maintenance of medical items, aids and appliances for temporarily and permanently disabled people. We dispose of a rich variety of various kinds of medical items, aids and appliances.

 Our Company’s policy is directed to products of a very good quality, meeting the necessary European and international standards. All items hold ISO 9001:2000 international certificates and meet the regulations, specified in the respective CE European Directives.

Iceberg-2000 EOOD is known as on the Bulgarian, as well as markets all over the world as an honest partner, realizing a good marketing, and very experienced and prestigious.

 We support our business partners and study their needs, requirements, and suggestions, while using that for improvement of product features and perfecting our quality system.

 Thanks to increasing success during the last few years, Iceberg-2000 EOOD has not stopped expanding its business as it offers much more new products and creates new distributing networks.

 We owe it to high-quality products, which we offer to our clients, exceptionally competitive prices, which we try to maintain, and good advertisement campaign.

 We are convinced that the quality of the product is the most important index of success.