CEBEX Group is committed to China’s world leading business intelligence platform and offers a range of services including financial capital raising, strategic consulting incubation, brand and market building, human resource strategies and large corporate real estate facilities. CEBEX Group will help your business gain a better insight of the rapidly growing market in China with its international team of expertise, professional business resources and high-quality network of resources in the industry.In addition to owning corporate brands such as YingKeBeTe investment advisory and China Entrepreneurs, CEBEX Group also work together with a number of famous enterprises to form alliances. Some of these notable brand alliances include: Cloud Synergy Group – jointly established by IBM and CEBEX and an innovative incubation platform created by Haier and CEBEX. The company has other notable brands such as CE-Capital Markets Series, CE-MEGA Entrepreneurship Summit, China Cleantech, China Family Office that provide comprehensive help to the rapid rise of Chinese enterprises and helps clients take advantage of China's important economic growth opportunities. It covers a range of services including access to overseas financial market and strategic growth consulting, recruitment and human resource planning and execution of high-end commercial activities.CEBEX Group has partners from different industries in 56 major cities in China that provides clients with a deeper understanding of government policies and market dynamics. CEBEX Group is the best platform for Chinese enterprises to enter the international market as well as the best business consultant for international companies located in China. CEBEX Group's goal is to provide the best strategic solutions for corporate decision-makers and industry leaders in an increasingly complex international market.