Глобал РТС ООД

Глобал РТС ООД

We at “Global RTS “ Ltd  are specialized and required in the design, development, production, sale and rental of high quality party and industrial  tents, halls, , membranes, event domes , sheds and pergolas, etc., in order to fully meet the needs of the dynamic industry.

For your business needs we can provide  you storage tents, various types of industrial and military halls. They are made from high quality materials and modern versions of the attachment of the coating. The offered halls are light and extremely mobile and dab have broader application - storage of agricultural products, trade centers, warehouses, military, governamental, humanitarian and aid releif sectors.

We offer for sales and rental of easily aluminum halls, which can meet the individual needs of each customer.

Depending on the preferences of the each customer, the company offers halls made of high quality materials and advanced options for holding cover. With high snow load, wind resistance and temperature anomalies.

Each hall is different of type in construction, walls coating and roof cover.